There are many symptoms of this issue as in you may notice the following things

1)) Note is not booting up at all.
2)) Light on the keyboard, power cable light, wireless light etc are glowing but nothing on the computer screen, its completely black.
3)) The arrow "cursor" is there on the black screen & nothing else.

Whenver we face this kind of issue, suppose we are facing the issue when there is no light/LED glowing on the computer, check the power cables & make sure that there is no problem with the connections.

The step is to go for POWER DRAIN

The second step which should be followed to get rid off this issue is to go for HDD & RAM RESEAT.

How to add a printer???

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Windows XP sets up a printer directly connected to your computer for use on your system. After you add a printer, Windows adds a printer icon for the printer to your Printers folder. Windows then uses the printer software(the driver) to communicate with the printer. The printer icon lets you manage, the printer settings and view, as well as manage, the activities of the printer (the print queue).

Step 1)) Click on "Start"
Step 2)) Go to "Control Panel"
Step 3)) Click on "Printers & faxes" option
Step 4)) Click on "Add Printers" from the left side navigator of the window.

Step 5)) A new Wizard appears, from the Wizard Click on "Next"

Step 6)) Select "Local Printer"
Step 7)) Click on "Next"
Step 8)) Select make in Manufacturers: list box.
Step 9)) Select Pointer model in Printers: list box.
Step 10)) Click "Next" to access the driver on the hard disk
Step 11)) Click "Have Disk" to get the disk where the driver is available.
Step 12)) Follow the instructions given on the screen

Now if it is prompted to keep existing driver
Go for the following :

Step 1)) Select keep existing drive (recommended)
Step 2)) Select Replace existing driver
Step 3)) Click Next
Step 4)) Select port for printer in Available ports: list box

Now configuring Selected Port

Step 1)) Click Configure port
Step 2)) Select options provided
Step 3)) Click Ok
Step 4)) Click Next
Step 5)) Type or edit name in Printers name
Step 6)) Select yes to set a printer as default.
Step 7)) Select No
Step 8)) Click Next
Step 9)) Select yes (recommended)
Step 10)) Select No
Step 11)) Click Finish

Windows may prompt you for Windows setup disks.

Unable to connect internet

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Many times we face this issue that we are unable to connect Internet. Whenever we face this issue we should make sure that all the hardware connections are done correctly(for wired connection). Make sure that all the wires are properly & correctly connected. there is no loose connection. And the wires are in good condition. Then try connecting with another other modem or other computer.

If you get the clue that all other connections are Ok and something is bad with computer then follow the followings..

Sometimes we are unable to connect to internet because the user account has gone bad or corrupt.

Let us create a new user account

Step 1)) Click on "Start"
Step 2)) Go to "Control Panel"
Step 3)) Click on "User account"
Step 4)) Click onManage another account
Step 5)) Click onContinue
Step 6)) Click onCreate a new account
Step 7)) Click onPut the name, password if required
Step 8)) Click onselect the radio button (Administrator account)
Step 9)) Click onCreate account

New account is created, let us create new connection for the new account

Step 1)) Click on Start
Step 2)) Click on Control panel
Step 3)) Click on Network & Sharing center
Step 4)) Click on Set up a connection on network
Step 5)) Click on Set up a dial up connection/or as per your wish
Step 6)) Click on Select & click Next
Step 7)) Click on Connect.